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Our goal is to provide the highest standard of private musical instrument study in the area. We feel any person, at any age, who desires to learn a musical instrument can learn to play and enjoy the instrument of their choice.

The Path To Success

As a beginning music student most of the questions are the same: Are lessons necessary? How long will it take to learn to play? How much should I spend on an instrument?

In our digital world today, there are many resources available to assist in learning a musical instrument. You-tube, books with online dashboards, video lessons, such as Skype, We Chat and Face Time are excellent supplementary tools. The time honored tradition of private lessons, ie) one on one tutoring, is still by far the most effective, thorough and quickest path to success.

There is no timeline for learning your instrument. As soon as you begin lessons, you are learning to play. The study of a musical instrument can be a lifelong pursuit and sometimes when you think you’ve met your goal, you have actually surpassed it. Having the best equipment possible, with the best instruction available is essential to success. Your local music store is your number one resource in meeting these standards. At Ellsworth Music, we can help you make an informed decision on what to purchase or rent for a beginning music student to accomplish their goals.


Consistency in practicing and attending scheduled lessons are key factors in the successful study of your instrument. How to practice is something taught in the lessons. This may not come easily or naturally to some. However, if one is enjoying the lessons, being able to practice will happen naturally-sometimes sooner than later. Set aside a special time, normally the same time everyday, to practice. It doesn’t have to be hours, but with a little playing everyday the student will show great strides over a period of time.


In the beginning we don’t know our own, or our child’s, potential in any endeavor. We do know, however, that the playing of an instrument can reveal a variety of paths in life that otherwise might not be traveled.