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Playing Condition: $65
Chemical clean, remove frozen slides, remove accessible dents,
lubricate pistons and slides.

French Horn/Tuba:

Playing Condition: $95

Chemical clean, remove frozen slides, remove accessible dents,
restring rotors, lubricate pistons, rotors, and slides.

Other brass maintenance:

Restring rotors: $20

Solder: $35

Remove frozen slide: $10 - 35

Remove stuck mouthpiece: Free



Clarinet Playing Condition: $75 | Repad: $250 plastic; $300 wood

Flute Playing Condition: $90 | Repad: $300 closed hole; $350 open hole

Alto Sax Playing Condition: $105 | Repad $600

Playing Condition includes: Regulate and adjust keys, replace up to 2 pads,
replace up to 4 key corks, align bent keys, clean and oil posts/rods.

Additional woodwind maintenance:

Tenon cork: $25 each

Flute head cork: $30

Neck cork: $40

Additional pad replacement: $10 each

Additional key cork replacement: $5 each


*Costs may be higher for Tenor and Bari saxophones*


Orchestral Strings:

Setup: $65

Reset Soundpost: $25

String change: $25 + cost of strings

Cut new bridge: $65

Bow Rehair: $90


*Costs may be higher for Cello and Bass*


Fretted Strings:

Restring: $25 + cost of strings

Setup: Acoustic $45 | Electric: $75 + cost of strings

Includes: Restring, Set string height with nut and bridge,
Adjust truss rod, and Intonate saddle.

Electronic Repair: Starting at $40 


All other work is billed at $75/hr.

Free quotes and estimates given upon request - no appointment needed!

Most repairs are completed within a 2 week timeframe.
Repairs may take longer if the instrument has extensive damage or if we are waiting for a part to arrive.

Re-pads and Overhauls typically take 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer depending on circumstances.

Any work beyond our shop’s capability will be contracted out with another certified repair shop.