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Righton! Roses 020 Red Mojo Collection

RightOn! MOJO Roses Red Guitar/Bass Strap. The Roses strap has a beautiful floral pattern. Hand embroidery texture and colors contrasted by a dark background. It measures 6cm wide. Righton pick pocketsThe surface of the Roses strap is made of fabric, and the end tabs are synthetic. As in all the MOJO Collection, this strap is made without any animal cruelty. The Roses are made of synthetic material and high tech fabric with respect for the environment and the materials have been tested for durability.

The lining is made of microfiber, which allows moisture to dissipate and the strap is slightly wider making it more comfortable. 5mm thick padding made of high density latex, covered by two layers of Lycra, makes it even softer and more durable. This strap has an adjustable length from 95-145cm with the exclusive RAS adjustment system and with our new pick-holder integrated in the back tab of the strap, The picks remain firmly in the slots conveniently within reach.

All the RightOn! Straps are designed and manufactured in Spain.