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Gibraltar SC-4420 Pro Hi-hat Clutch

Deluxe HH Clutch — Fits Pro-level Stands with 7mm Pull Rods

The Gibraltar SC-4420 Pro Hi-hat Clutch is designed to work with all Gibraltar pro-level stands, as well as those from other manufacturers with 7mm pull rods. The SC-4420's two felt cymbal protectors and locking metal washers deliver rock-solid action with just the right amount of "play," whether you take your hats taut or sloshy. What's more, its hard plastic locking nut resists unscrewing due to play. This means your hats remain secure as the night rolls along. Up top, Gibraltar's SuperGrip clamp and jumbo wing nut supply maximum force for locking onto pull rods without marking up your hardware. Whether you're replacing your Gibraltar clutch or upgrading a lesser stand, you'll find the performance and security you're searching for the in Gibraltar SC-4420 Pro Hi-hat Clutch.